Tate to Seek Trustee for a New Generation and to Launch £5 Exhibition Tickets For 16-25 Year Olds

Tate, with agreement from government, will seek to appoint its first Trustee dedicated to bringing the views of the next generation to the highest level of Tate’s decision-making process. Tate is also launching £5 exhibition tickets for 16 to 25 year olds as part of a new scheme called Tate Collective. It is the first free-to-join membership scheme for 16 to 25 year olds at a national UK museum and is open to people anywhere in the world to join online. Those who do can see any of Tate exhibitions for a fiver and also get discounts in Tate’s cafes and shops. They can also bring up to three friends to shows, each for £5. These initiatives respond directly to Tate’s recent programs and consultation with this age group who said the cost of living and higher education mean funds are squeezed and they want access to more affordable activities which they can enjoy with their friends. Museums and galleries also need to build stronger relationships with youth organizations, grow a more diverse workforce and provide a platform for relevant debates, such as identity and social issues.

Lionel Barber Appointed Chair of Tate

Tate Trustees have appointed Lionel Barber to be Chairman of the Board of Trustees. He has served as a Trustee of Tate since 31 January 2011 and has served as interim Chair since 1 August 2017. In accordance with the Museums and Galleries Act, the Trustees choose the chair from one of their number. The process for the appointment was overseen by Tim Davie as Interim Senior Independent Trustee and the Prime Minister has agreed to extend Lionel Barber’s term until 30 January 2021. Lionel Barber is the editor of the Financial Times and has received several distinguished awards for his contribution to journalism in the transatlantic community. He has served on the Board of Trustees at Tate for seven years and is also on the Board of the Carnegie Corporation of New York. He said: ‘I am honoured to accept the position of Chair of Tate, one of the world’s leading cultural institutions. I look forward to working with Tate’s Trustees, Maria Balshaw and her fellow Directors to bring art in all its aspects to an ever bigger and diverse audience.

May Member News

We are pleased to welcome Gabriela Mendoza (London) and Teresa Sapey (Madrid) who are joining as a members of the Latin American Acquisitions Committee.