Celebrating 20 Year Anniversaries of the Latin American Acquisitions Committee and North American Acquisitions Committee

Over 20 years ago, Tate created region specific acquisitions committees to enhance the Tate collection and to represent an integrated view of global art history for Tate audiences.  In 2001, the Tate Americas Foundation formed the North American Acquisitions Committee and then shortly after in 2002, with the leadership and guidance of Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian, they founded the Latin American Acquisition Committee.  In those twenty years, there have been 395 works acquired from 146 Latin American artists and 219 works from 102 North American artists. We will be celebrating the incredible contributions of these committees throughout the fall.  

Tate now has a family of dedicated Acquisitions Committees which play a key role in this process of diversifying Tate’s collection. At times, these Committees may also choose to jointly support works of art to bring key pieces into Tate’s collection. These groups have proved extremely successful in championing Tate’s activities relating to specific regions or media by: broadening Tate’s scope of international activities; forging stronger relationships and dialogue with local individuals and institutions; and in creating in-depth holdings for important artists and themes.

These committees contribute invaluable expertise and support towards strengthening Tate representation of art and to develop and integrate alternative narratives within the chronology of art. 

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6 September 2022